Friday, September 14, 2007

Gimme Your Stuff

I stumbled upon this website, "Gimme Your Stuff", etc etc. I'm Libby from Ohio and I made this blog with my friend to host our entries.

I can get you:
- Loads of candies, snacks, local drinks, etc.
- Magazines and books ('Fresh Fruits', anyone?)
- Stationary (Esp. of the "kawaii" type (in before weaboos))
- Cosmetics (Such as lip balms or lotions)
- A personal letter from me to you (:
- Photos, souvenirs
- Amish made treats and things? Perhaps a honey comb? (delicious)
- Anything you'd like. I could get you some trinkets, craft/scrapbooking supplies, yarn, accessories, etc. Whatevers up your alley.

I would like:
- Scarves!? Gee, would I.
- Stationary! As well as a small journal or erasers.
- Ethnic/Traditional items/clothes? Surprise potential. (I would really like something containing hindu mantra!)
- Some sweets
- Something you've made?
- A letter
- Anything that you feel is neat.
- ?!

Updates will come when I think of them.
Leave a comment or email me (preferred!):


kisekino said...

Hi would you like to swap with me?
I think I can offer you what you want!

Cori and JV said...

Hello! We are a couple from the Philippines and we very much like to swap with you. Check our profile at If there is any chance that you are interested, just keep us posted. You can also e-mail us at Thanks :)

♥ milissa said...

Hey girl! Wanna swap? :D


Take a look to see if my swap interests you yeah?

You can tag at my tagboard if you're interested :)

Hope to see a reply soon! ♥

QINGYI said...

I would love swapping with you! You sound like a really awesome person too!

I'm Qingyi and I'm from Singapore. Do check out my journal at for more.

Contact me at!
I look forward to hearing from you, heh heh!